Have you ever wondered how to organize your closets when selling your house? Are you just not sure what to do to create the best first impression?

Do your closets look like this?

Below are some helpful hints on how to declutter your closets and get them ready for potential buyers to see just how much storage space your house actually has. On the contrary, if a potential buyer opens your closet doors and stuff falls out, or there are so many clothes that you can’t even squeeze another hanger in, then you’re giving the impression that your closet is just too small for everyday living.

Take a look at the wall surfaces in your closets. Are there black scuff marks all over the walls from shoes? Have your kids used the closet as a clubhouse and drawn on the walls with crayons?  If this is the case, I suggest a good scrubbing of the walls to clean it off.  If necessary, think about adding a fresh coat of paint before you go any further.  I recommend a good coat of stain-covering white primer for the inside of the closet.  Primers are generally less expensive than the top-coat paint.  Plus, a nice bright white on the inside of the closet will make it appear just a little bit bigger.

Make sure that the doors are operational. Nobody likes a closet door that won’t open or won’t close. Sometimes a few tweaks of the hinges or knob can fix the problem. If you have sliding doors, make sure the tracks are cleaned out for a smooth slide.

Closet organizers can make a huge impression and don’t have to cost a lot of money.  My favourite system is the Rubbermaid Configurations® which is available at most box building stores.  It’s simple to install and can be reconfigured in many different ways to suit your needs.

If installing closet organizers isn’t in your budget or timeline, then decluttering your closet will make a huge difference. Here are some helpful tips:
·         Your closet should only be about half-full of clothing, spread out across the rods. This is the perfect time to start packing the seasonal clothes that you’re not wearing right now, or to donate some of your unwanted clothing to charity. If you want to go that extra mile, consider organizing your clothing by colour or by clothing type. Most of us may not actually do this in our daily lives, but it will definitely create that “Wow” factor when a potential buyer opens your closet doors.

·         On the top shelf, try to keep your stored items to a single layer. For example, if you have shoe boxes, hat boxes, purses, etc., try not to stack them all the way to the ceiling.  A nice and tidy single layer will show potential buyers how tall the ceiling is and allow them to see just how spacious your closet is.

·         On the floor, again, keep stored items to a single layer, if possible. Keep your shoes lined neatly against the wall and stack any boxes off to the side.

·         If you have a walk-in closet, make sure that you can actually walk in. Keep your personal items along the perimeter of the room.

If you’re like me, you long for a home that is organized and has a place for everything.  My buyer clients are always impressed by a well-organized closet and sometimes the little things can make a big impact in helping them make their buying decision.